Q: How often will I need to clean the aquarium?

A: This will depend on a number of factors. As with any aquarium you will get some algae growth on the inside of the tank. The algae uses light and nutrients in the water to grow so the tank will get dirty quicker if the internal light is on for long periods of time or if the tank is placed in direct sunlight. Nutrients are left in the water after food waste has been broken down by the tanks filtration system. The amount of nutrients will depend on how much the tank is fed and how often water changes are carried out. Algae on the inside of the tank will not effect the jellyfish so how often you clean the tank will also depend on your preference as to how clean you want it to look.

Q: Is the aquarium noisy?

A: All of our aquariums are designed to be almost silent when in operation. There should be no problem having the aquarium even in a bedroom where low level noise would keep people awake.

Q: Is there anything else I will need to buy that isn't supplied with the tank?

A: Our aquariums are designed to be plug and play but we recommend buying a good quality, acrylic safe cleaning kit similar to the one in the image below.We also suggest buying some water test kits which should be available at any good pet store. The main parameters you will need to test are salinity, temperature, ammonia, nitrate and phosphate.

Jellyfish Aquarium Cleaning Tool.jpg