For larger custom and commercial sized aquariums, Cubic partners with RedFin Aquarium Design. Please click here to visit RedFin’s website

As aquarium lovers, we are always eager to explore unique and bespoke aquarium concepts.  

From mesmerizing Jellyfish displays to design focused marine aquariums, our team has extensive design experience helping turn a dream concept into a finished reality. Working together with our custom tank manufacturer RedFin Aquarium Design, Cubic's team have completed projects all over the world including custom fish tanks in London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong and Macau.

To date, these unique jellyfish tanks have been installed in a variety of locations including luxury private villas, casinos, nightclubs and public aquariums. 

Custom jellyfish aquariums can be a variety of different shapes and designs, from tall bespoke cylinders to large rectangle kreisel designs. Similar to the Cubic desktop range, all of the aquarium designs produce a circular flow of water to keep the jellyfish suspended. Cubic can also design bespoke lighting solutions to best illuminate the jellyfish. 

Custom aquariums generally have standalone filtration systems located externally, usually located below the aquarium with piping to the tank. All designs are fabricated using high quality acrylic which is lighter, more flexible and safer than glass. Some of the largest home aquariums are possible using acrylic fabrication whilst it is possible to tweak the circulation system configuration to produce a variety of tank shapes. Custom aquariums are designed on a one-off basis so are typically more expensive than smaller off the shelf aquariums. In general, prices increase with higher/taller designs as thicker acrylic is required to withstand the higher water pressure.

If you have an idea for a custom or commercial scale installation, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our design tram would be happy to investigate the feasibility of your concept and provide feedback. Please see below for examples of previous projects that the Cubic team have completed.